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Since 2012, Divest McGill has been pushing for change through research, education, and mobilization. We've rallied and petitioned. We've made our cause known to those in power through protest and dialogue. We've done the research, and we've made our own recommendations. We've joined forces with groups across the community and the world to engage in constructive conversations across and beyond campus. We've been fighting for climate justice for all this time...


We’re calling on McGill University to acknowledge and address the urgency of the climate crisis by divesting from its investments in the fossil fuel industry.

What has McGill's Administration said in response? 

The beneficial impact of fossil fuel companies offsets or outweighs injurious impact at this time.

[CAMSR Report, 2016, pg. 9]

Why should McGill Divest?

Divestment attacks the power and legitimacy of the fossil fuel industry by challenging its social license to operate.

Why hasn’t McGill Divested?

Although the science is clear, McGill has rejected divestment from fossil fuels twice.

Want to learn more about us?

Although rallies, banners and chants are very visible, a lot of Divest’s work happens behind the scenes, through research and planning.

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